Strong Actions

Concrete actions for the persecuted and the suffering

In keeping with the AVC motto "Clear words. Strong actions" we invite you to take a step further with us in your commitment to the persecuted church. Our wish is that through various actions, such as writing letters to prisoners or filling out a petition, you will carry persecuted Christians and those in need even closer to your heart. Through concrete actions, the invisible bond of solidarity and mutual encouragement will be maintained and strengthened.

As AVC, strong anctions and your participation are important to us. In this way, we spur each other on to work for persecuted Christians and those in need.

Do you also have an idea how you can draw attention to persecuted Christians and people in need in your environment?
We look forward to your action under the keyword "Strong actions"!

Write to us: or call us: Tel. 032 356 00 84


AVC Hanspeter Lehmann
Your contact
Hanspeter Lehmann, Coordinator for volunteers
+41 32 356 00 80 |
We are looking for digital devices for our partners and new Christians in South Asia and the Middle East.
Successful actions
The following actions we carried out with and thanks to you. They have been completed. We will be happy to inform you about ongoing campaigns further up on this page.
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Writing action for imprisoned Christian converts in Iran more (only in German)
Bike charity day more (only in German)
Collection campaign: Container for our projects in Mali more (only in German)
Walking shoes for North Indian evangelists and evangelists more (only in German)
Seven day prayer for persecuted Christians more
Prayer nights more
Christmas gift campaign more
Rally for justice for the persecuted in Bern on Saturday, 09 July 2022 more (only in German)
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