Sacha Ernst is the new director of AVC Switzerland

Around 680 people celebrated with us

The handover of the baton from Daniel Hofer to Sacha Ernst was celebrated with a brilliant explosion of tens of confetti bombs. Around 680 people gathered at the Kongresshaus in Biel on June 18, 2022 to experience this special moment together.

Touching farewell to Daniel and Judith Hofer
After 35 years, Daniel Hofer, founder of AVC Switzerland, handed over the leadership of our organization to his successor Sacha Ernst. For their faithful service, Daniel Hofer and his wife Judith were honored with a standing ovation, speeches by long-time companions such as Pastor Abraham from India, Victor Culeac from Moldova, Sonny Largardo from Thailand, as well as video messages from other grateful partners from many countries.

Sacha Ernst in the red executive chair
Surrounded by the entire AVC team, Daniel Hofer symbolically seated Sacha Ernst, the new director, in his red boss chair. Sacha expressed his confidence that in his commitment to persecuted Christians and those in need, "God, who can move mountains and change situations, is at the center." For Daniel and Judith Hofer, a platform with palm trees and a comfortable lounge was rolled up, on which some of the couple's grandchildren had already taken a seat - this too was a symbol of our wish that Dani's retirement would be marked by many happy hours in the circle of his family.

Brigitte Frei new president of the board
However, the outgoing AVC boss will not retire completely into private life, but will continue to be available to our organization as a member of the board of directors. And a significant change was also made in the board at the annual event: Koni Bächi relinquished the presidency, which will now be held by Brigitte Frei, a communications specialist and former vice president. Reports from persecuted countries, worship music, common prayer, market stands with various offers, small culinary highlights and the noticeable joy of reunion of many present framed the brilliant event.

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